Boer War Description Card AF B. 2067

This is a reproduction of a 1900 Army Form B. 2067 in my collection, the Description Card For Active Service, as issued to and carried by the British Tommy sewn into the relevant pocket of his KD or SD jacket in the pre-WW1 period. They are not the "cheap'n'cheerful" sort of copies of similar period paperwork available for a fraction of the cost on Ebay and elsewhere, but detailed replicas made of the correct printed cloth material that is found on originals.

The Description Card was originally introduced in 1889, particularly in an attempt to help identify the bodies of soldiers who were killed in action, dress regulations stating that it was to be "sewn into the clothing of every man going into the field". Despite its name it was not made of card, but of "glazed calico". The harsh reality of war showed it to be a poor design that didn't survive well under field conditions, and it was ultimately replaced by the issue of the aluminium ID disc.

This particular reproduction is copied directly from my original made in 1900 with the production date amended to match an earlier batch produced in August 1899 in the run up to the start of the 2nd Boer War (but was otherwise identical). The material I have used is an excellent match for this, and should fray and flake just like the originals!

These are brand new copies supplied completely unfilled so that you can add your own details to improve your 2nd Boer War living history Other Ranks or Non-Commissioned Officers impression.

The picture below shows one of my reproductions alongside the 1900 original it was copied from. The cost is for one reproduction Description Card only, the original is not for sale or included.

Each Description Card costs £6.00, plus postage and packaging.

Original left, my reproduction right.