1907 Aluminium ID disc

This is a reproduction of the 1907 pattern aluminium ID disc, supplied with regulation 42-inch length cord. Copied directly from an original in my collection, these are the exact same size and shape as the originals, the only difference being I have deliberately upped the thickness slightly to make them more durable.

I can supply these stamped with your own details to improve your pre-/early-WW1 living history Other Ranks, Non-Commissioned Officers or Officers impression, or blank if you wish to have them named through other sources.

Each stamped 1907 ID disc cost £6.00, plus postage and packaging. Each blank 1907 ID disc costs £5.00, plus postage and packaging. If a stamped one is purchased with a 1906 or 1915 AB64 or Officer's 1918 AB439 then the cost is only £5.00, plus postage and packaging.

Left to right - blank reproduction disc, sample stamped disc, original example.